Daily Connection With Nature

February 19, 2009 at 6:22 am (Mystical Things)

Everyday when you walk outside:
1) Smell the air, remembering what season and what the smell reminds you of (helps in predicting the weather).

2) Invite all of nature to greet you and watch. There may be many animal and bird signs or just one but you
should receive something everyday.

3)Pick out something new on your regular routine everyday. If you travel the same path to work; seek out
something new that you never noticed before.

4)Pick one thing to be thankful for just that day. The sunset, a flower, waking up to greet the rain,
your dogs’ cold nose, etc.

5)Journal any signs that stay in mind all day. We forget many signs when we get into our daily routines.

6)Remember the law of give and recieve. Pick up feathers, stones, and give something back like bread
for the crows, beads, tobacco, etc. It’s amazing how many gifts you’ll recieve from nature but this also
is reflected in your daily life.

7) Finally if you notice the same animal sign three times in a row meditate on it (crows are great reminders
of things we have forgotten).

And most of all this is FUN, at anytime this becomes work –stop, and remember that joy of smelling the rain
come before it even falls. Enjoy!

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